Rental Terms + Conditions

 Event Services Rental Terms and Conditions of TableMade, LLC: 

By making a reservation with TableMade, LLC, the customer agrees that he/she understands and is accepting the following Terms and Conditions, for TableMade, LLC event services rentals. 

Compensations for Rental Services and Items:

  1. The client shall also pay other charges in accordance with this Agreement due upon return of TableMade rental items , to the fullest extent allowed by law, including but not limited to:
  • The client agrees to pay 50% non-refundable retainer of the total agreed upon services at time of contract signature, unless the contact is signed within 30 days of the event, in which case, the client will pay 100% at time of signature. The remaining payment will be due 30 days prior to the event. This billing includes total rental fee balance, required 10% peace of mind damage waiver for pieces rented, and optional payment for white-glove delivery and pickup. Any additional fees may be included but not limited to:
    • Charges for optional services, if any;
    • Applicable taxes;
    • Loss of, or damage or repair to the rental items, loss of use, diminution of the individual rental items value caused by damage to it or repair to it, and costs to enforce such charges including administrative fees for processing the claim and legal expenses;
    • A 10% charge per item for late return of the reserved rental items or the highest amount allowable under law;
    • Unless due to the fault of TableMade, LLC, all fines, penalties, court costs and other expenses relating to the rental items assessed against TableMade, LLC or the reserved rental items during the rental period;
    • All costs incurred to collect unpaid monies due; and Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or the maximum amount allowed by law, whichever is greater, for making payment with insufficient funds.

10% Peace of Mind Damage Waiver:

  1. All rentals require a 10% nonrefundable damage waiver to be charged on all rental items. This damage waiver covers rental items that are damaged through normal use. All broken and damaged items, including broken glassware and china, must be returned to TableMade LLC, for the damage waiver to apply. The damage waiver does not cover loss or gross negligence.
  2. If a rented item is lost, stolen or grossly damaged, the client shall be responsible for the full retail value of the unreturned items, estimated between three to five times the rented value, and all expenses TableMade, LLC incurs due to client’s failure to return the rented items including costs in locating and recovering the lost or stolen items.
    Delivery and Pickup Service:
    1. The client has the right to utilize TableMade, LLC’s options white-glove delivery and pickup service:
    • Delivery Services starts at $125 and will increase based on location, determined by mileage tiers, from Woodstock, GA 30189. 
      • Tier 1: 
        • $350 minimum, 20 - 29 miles radius from Woodstock, GA 30189 
        • Price: $125
      • Tier 2: 
        • $350 minimum, 30 - 39 miles radius from Woodstock, GA 30189
        • Price: $150
      • Tier 3: 
        • $350 minimum, 40 - 49 miles radius from Woodstock, GA 30189
        • Price: $175
      • Tier 4: 
        • $350 minimum, 50 - 59 miles radius from Woodstock, GA 30189
        • Price: $200
    • All prices are subject to change based on quantity rented, prices listed above are minimums.
    Event Execution and Design
    1. The client has the right to utilize TableMade, LLC’s optional event design and execution services. If utilized, the client will be charged a 30% of the total balance execution fee. In return TableMade, LLC agrees to arrive and execute desired designs with two or less of the event set-up time; so dictated by the event planner and/or client. 
    Invoice adjustments:
    1. In the event additional items need to be added to an existing invoice, 50% of the rental item and 10% peace of mind damage waiver will be required. If reserved 30 days from the event date, the full total additional balance, will be required. 
           1. Event Cancellations:
        • Reservations that are cancelled more than 30 days before the event will only be subject to the loss of the 50% non-refundable retainer. Orders that are cancelled 30 days or less prior to the event, will be subject to loss of 100% of the total rental invoice. 
        Event Date Changes:
        1. In the event the client needs a date change, TableMade, LLC will attempt to accommodate the requested date change at no additional charge. However, accommodating said date change is not guaranteed and is based on product availability. The client further understands that last minute changes can impact the availability of specific products and the quality of the event. The client agrees that in the event of a date change any expenses including, but not limited to deposits and fees that are non-refundable are the sole responsibility of the client.
        Rental Period:
        1. All rental items are rented for a period of 48 hours, beginning at the designated date and start time for the reserved event. The client agrees to return all rental items within this time period to TableMade, LLC. The customer further agrees that the rented property shall [1] not be used beyond the intended capacity; [2] not be used in any manner for which it was not designed or designated; [3] not be used near an open flame; [4] not be used in a negligent manner.
        Liability Clause:
        1. Liability and indemnification: Client hereby agree that they assume all liability caused by any injury from any item leased to them from TableMade, LLC. Client further agree to indemnify TableMade, LLC in any legal action arising out of any injury or damage allegedly caused by any item leased by TableMade, LLC, including but not limited to the cost of any attorney's fees and court costs associated with any litigation in defense of any said litigation. TableMade, LLC has the right to refuse service to any client if they do not use an event planner.
        Breach of Contract:
        1. In the event this contract is breached by the client, the client agrees that in addition to any actual damages resulting from the breach that the client shall be liable for any attorney's fees and costs associated with enforcing the terms of this contract.
        Photography and Promotion Release:
        1. The client hereby acknowledge that to give TableMade, LLC permission to use event photographs for their website, Instagram, Facebook, Blog Posts, and all other corresponding social media outlets.